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First, we start off with ERP System. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning, is a management system that helps your company streamline operations and lift up productivity. It is developed to integrate different departments in one centralize system.

Recently, methodology like SaaS, Cloud Computing, and etc has shrunk the gap and is very helpful to smaller business organizations.

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Enterprise Resource Planning & CRM Software Information Pool

A lot of the time, when people are inquiring Enterprise Resource Planning for their business, they do not know what specifically a management software do… Most of them may just need to manage a small portion to their business, such as warehouse, quotation invoicing or etc, but they are asking for software. Hence, it is quite important to clarify the term ERP and what can it do for your business.

What is ERP?

It is a acronym of Enterprise Resource Planning, a broad term that consist of many domain solutions or modules,  it is utilized to cover the whole operation needs of the company, normally refer to medium or large companies. However, recent days, there are smaller package of management system that has popped up to help manage the small business resources, although these are not complete ERP, they are equivalent to a  resource management system.

I believe quite many people are wondering why it is called enterprise resource planning. According to Wikipedia, Gartner is the first organization that starts with this term, which is expanded from another solution term – Material resource planning (another extension from the Father of all management solution – Material Requirement Planning – to manage the planning of material capacity and scheduling) for manufacturing industry. It is just built to expand the functionality and capabilities to cover the management of whole company, including human resource, sales, customer service, procurement, inventory, production, project, delivery, payment, accounting and etc.

Over the time, the software has evolved and expanded from manufacturing industry. Various kind of vertical solution has been addressed in

order to help different streams of scope from different industries, such as trading, distribution, media, services, retail and more. Beyond enterprise that needs to manage their production and business, they are government body, non-profit organization t

hat take up the software system to better streamline their flow and, centralize the data and reduce a lot of tedious works.

Take a look at the simple illustration of system below: (this is just about operation workflow, not the full feature.)


So, with this simple process, you may see how the basic of how an system help to automate and streamline different departments workflow. ERP is not only a system that store all your data but it is integrating your company workforce together to provide more accurate and real time information for due actions to be taken.

Previously, a lot of domain expertise in the operation are not linked together due to constraint in the local networking and the limitation of software processing power. The systems are standalone and not connected, this has deter the progress of the company communication between different departments and it will become more and more ineffective if the company expand. Hence, it is taken to eliminate the communication gap between different departments like HR, Sales, Warehouse,Procurement, Production, Accounting and many more. Of course, there are some domain solutions that are highly powerful in their specific niche/domain maybe your consideration as they maybe much more in depth in managing a narrower part of the business. However, if a company is able to afford full business management solution, they will tend to go for the full package as it can help to really integrate the whole company and less headache on few parties software integration.

How Has ERP Evolved?
As mentioned, when it was developed, it was meant for manufacturing industry to better manage their order management and production fulfilment, hence, it was more like a backend operation management system. However, after many phases of evolution, it has become more frontend oriented. Although the main bulk of it is still helping company streamline their backend office, but as I said, there are many smaller businesses that do not need a full production solution, so the management software has gained weight in pre-sales management, customer management, even marketing portion has been beef up due to demand. Enterprise resource planning nowadays is all rounded and more like a business management system. Personally, I think that in “Enterprise Resource Planning” these 3 words, “Resource Planning” are outdated while “Enterprise” is still the centric of the terms. If possible, I would like to call this software solution a “Business Management Solution”.

Just found a youtube video talking about “What is Enterprise Resource Planning”, not related to me but good to share:

What Challenges Business Management Software are Facing

People are lazy and will always fall into their comfort zone no matter how tough their life is. They will tend to stick to their normal daily life which they do not need to change their usual way of working. They are reluctant to changes, especially people who are not benefited from the changes itself, the reluctance force will be much bigger. Hence, when there are new implementation of management software such as resource planning, the people in the company will first think of the inconvenience they will face with the changes caused. The problem people are looking at will be magnified if they are not going to get any mileage to it but rather they may be required to put in more effort to fulfill the requirement of system. Management is a great stuff if it is really utilized by company staff and they are putting their faith in it. If every input is precise, the output will be useful. However, when the user themselves do not believe in the system and always reluctant to get use of it, they will cause turbulence and obstacle layer by layer especially when we are talking about operation management system. Hence, the best solution to get business management software solution on track and able to assist the business will be from the aspect of people. If the top board management is able to convince from top down to users that they are benefit)ng from the solution and they maybe getting incentive if they are really using it. If the users are really reading the good points that they will be obtained from the solution, they will be motivated and help boosting the utilization of the system.

Can CRM Software Really Help Your Company Bottom Line?

With its consolidated platform, organizations would certainly benefit from customer relationship management . Management of interactions with sales prospects, business partners and customers requires companies to follow certain strategies. And on this kind of arrangement, the platform is intended to provide more convenience to the company and its clients. It allows global visibility and collaboration and at the same time the best data quality can also be achieved using this strategy.

Why do you need to implement it?

CRM is a time-centric cycle. It changes over a period of time. Most companies found the software to be most effective during the period of recession because this is the time when extra sales effort is needed. A business can survive difficult times in the market if it has a good software. Customers keep your business on track thus it pays to give to give them quality services they deserve to have. The strategy allows you to determine the items most productive to be offered to customers. It means that you have to identify sales leads and these sales leads can then prove its worth when it comes to segment analysis.

Who is responsible for CRM automation?

The task of implementing customer relationship management automation is usually given to the information technology (IT) department of a company. Alongside the task is the development of crm software solutions and tools for automation of each process to produce desirable outcome. These tools are essential in individual customer differentiation and in generating reports about individualized offers. Absence of Customer Relationship Management strategy and programs would result to insufficient knowledge among front-line people in terms of customer services. Those companies capable of charting out evolution cycle of customer relationship and contingencies will arrive at a more systematic program implementation.

Integrate social CRM with social media for better results

Some companies are still hesitant of implementing customer management software because they are not aware of how they should execute it. One way of making most out of CRM software is to combine it with social media. It is known that social media has become a dominant figure in market. Social media is an inexpensive way to connect with larger audience. Combining these two can help your company in many ways. Accessing of valuable information by the sales team would be easier is social media is linked to the technology. You can also track how it affects your business. With lesser effort, information about your products and services are channeled to a group of individuals. People often express their thoughts and feelings through social media like Facebook. Thus, whatever conversation they have, you can take corrective actions based on this conversation.

Customer relationship strategy and technology helps you connect with customers through the best possible way. Successful implementation depends on how the management and sales team facilitate the strategy. One important thing to know about is that you have to consider it as value-added activity. It involves mutual collaboration and interdependence between customers and suppliers. With it, optimization of services for customers and boosting of revenue will not be so difficult. While maintaining good sales standing, you will be able to meet customer demands.

Should you implement CRM if your staff does not like it?

There’s this common thinking that only the IT department of the organization should be involved in the selection, implementation and use of the crm software. There’s a basis for this since the software is technology-intensive and some languages used can be best understood by the technology persons. Also there’s a basis for this since the primary administrator of the software and the business tool is the IT team. But it should be kept in mind that the software is not the sole domain of the IT team. You may need to train and involve the IT team that will act as the administrator but as a business manager on top of things; you should not lose sight of the role of the employees and staffers. If you want for the software to be successful, the staffers and employees should be notified and trained. Their active participation in the use of the software is a requirement for the business tool to succeed.  But it isn’t always a good story told when it comes to Customer Relationship Management company experiences. There are times when employees don’t approve of the implementation of the software. As much as the management wants to effect the implementation of the software, the employees and staffers resist the changes. When resistance is noted, is there a need to stop the implementation of the software even if this is the business tool that is perceived to deliver great results for the company? If you have taken note of this within your organization, make sure you don’t use this as your reason to halt the implementation of the customer management software.

What are the top reasons that employees will not like an implementation?

  • The software will take place of the employees, thus employee relevance is diminished;
  • Due to the increasing use and relevance of the software some staffers fear for their jobs
  • Use of a software will require further learning and training;
  • The use of the software will also heighten employee accountability and;
  • The introduction of a new technology can be stressful and irritating.

These are the common reasons why some employees in different companies will resist and will not like the implementation of the software. Keep in mind that the introduction of software is change, and people have this natural fear against change. As long as it’s about change, people react negatively to it and this happens too with the introduction of the software.

What must be done to fully implement CRM in the face of resistance?

If you are the business manager and owner and your research have validated the potential benefits of the customer relationship management software as a business tool, then go ahead and implement it. To counter the resistance, you may want to adopt your own change management strategy. Under this new strategy, you will need to come up with a set of approaches and steps to downplay employee resistance and at the same time to get the desired business objectives without having to sacrifice the budget and expected time of implementation. There are specific steps to make this happen like opening up communication lines and come up with a problem-response arrangement to streamline the adoption process.


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