Is Oracle ERP more reliable than SAP ERP?

by Terry Low on July 19, 2012

When it comes to the discussions and the screening of the available Enterprise Resource Planning or ERPs, there are some questions that will surely pop out. One persistent question that is being asked by business managers and industry observes relates to what ERP is better- is Oracle ERP more reliable than SAP ERP? The competition in the market is tough and with each leading company not giving an inch of space to its competition, there will always be excited talks about what is best and what the more reliable business tool is. But why pit Oracle against SAP, and why disregard other top names in the business? Well, it should be kept in mind that these two are the BIG NAMES when it comes to ERP competing head to head when it comes to market shares. According to one industry survey, SAP dominated the market (2010) with 24 percent of the market and Oracle isn’t far behind with its 18 percent share of the pie. With the heated rivalry and with some companies pushed to the sidelines, it is only expected that most comparisons will be between the two.

Oracle beats out SAP when it comes to implementation

When it comes to implementation, SAP loses the game to Oracle. If a company will select the SAP then there’s a big chance that the implementation could take 13 months while Oracle can do it two months better. When it comes to satisfaction rating, Oracle once again takes the podium from SAP. The German brand may be best when it comes to market share but at the end of the day, customers are more satisfied with Oracle rated at 80 percent while SAP fared poorly at 39 percent (Panorama Consulting study). What could drive the data is the satisfaction when it comes to implementation. But perhaps another reason that fuels greater satisfaction ratings is the reliability of Oracle.

Oracle takes strength in its reputation that it’s a big company and makes use of its resources and assets well to provide a secure and reliable service to its customers. A validation of the reliability of their CRM can be found in its data center. For example, their Austin data center is considered as one of the best facilities around. All providers of cloud technology and the SaaS understands the need to operate from a secure location, thus Oracle makes this happen as well.

Oracle is considered a reliable ERP thanks to the many features and technologies used by the company on its products. For example, it offers the Oracle Data Guard. The technology is designed to protect the data from threats including errors, corruptions, failures and other problems that may undermine the integrity of the enterprise data.  These are normally located at a remote location. The moment the production database goes down as planned or unplanned, Data Guard gets into the action to prevent data loss. This is just one of the many top features implemented by Oracle, making it more secure and reliable compared to other ERPs, SAP included.


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